2019 Results

Well done to all on a fantastic Away match schedule, there were some great results and as always the banter was top class.

During the 2019 away season we recorded a new club record with 119lb being recorded at Horns Dam and the total match weight was 500lb of fish between just 12 of us.

The Away Masters Trophy which is based on the best 5 out of 7 match results was won by the one and only Al Diamond who had some superb bags of silver fish - Congrats to you Al.

The results for the year are below and we look forward to another successful year in 2020.

2019 Away Masters Trophy League

NameTotal Points (best 5 matches)Total Weight (best 5 matches)
Al Diamond1091lb 6oz
Paul Potter13220lb 4oz
Christian Smith16143lb 4oz
Ant Frith2074lb 12oz
Mark Preston2173lb 7oz
Shaun Sheridan2139lb 2oz
Simon Crellin25---
John Smith25---

Longacre 28th April 2019

Al Diamond11lb1
Paul Weeks4lb2
Mark Preston2lb 9oz3
Ant Frith1lb 10oz4
Christian Smith1lb 8oz5
Carl Redman6oz5
Shaun Sheridan (N)2oz5
Danny Parker (N)DNW5
Simon CrellinDNW5
John SmithDNW5
Wayne Peake (N)DNW5

Longacre 9th June 2019

Paul Potter33lb 6oz1
Al Diamond8lb 3oz2
Duncan Stirzaker3lb 2oz3
Paul Weeks2lb 15oz4
Mark Preston1lb 3oz5
Wayne PeakeDNW5
Simon CrellinDNW5
Shaun SheridanDNW5
Dave StirzakerDNW5

Manor Farm 7th July 2019

Carl Redman57lb1
Wayne Peake28lb2
Christian Smith27lb3
Paul Potter24lb4
Simon Crellin23lb5
Mark Preston17lb5
Ant Frith13lb5
Al Diamond12lb5
John Smith7lb5
Paul Weeks6lb5

Horns Dam Lake 8th September 2019

Paul Potter119lb 5oz1
Alan Duggan77lb 14oz2
Christian Smith59lb 13oz3
Dave George55lb 3oz4
Dan Hall45lb 13oz5
Al Diamond40lb 7oz5
Carl Redman30lb 3oz5
Ant Frith21lb 15oz5
Mark Preston20lb5
Simon Crellin18lb 8oz5
John Smith4lb 4oz5
Shaun SheridanDNW5

Manor Farm 22nd September 2019

Dan Hall38lb 5oz1
Christian Smith38lb 2oz2
Al Diamond29lb 1oz3
Mark Preston24lb 5oz4
Paul Potter19lb 11oz5
Ant Frith14lb 8oz5
Shaun Sheridan10lb 8oz5
Paul Weeks6lb 4oz5
John Smith2lb 4oz5

Horns Dam Lake 27th October 2019

Ant Frith21lb 14oz1
Al Diamond19lb 13oz2
Christian Smith10lb 7oz3
Mark Preston9lb 9oz4
Dan Hall7lb 14oz5
Simon Crellin5lb 13oz5
Carl Redman2lb5
John Smith1lb 3oz5
Paul PotterDNW5

Hudsons Farm Donut 17th November 2019

Shaun Sheridan28lb 8oz1
Paul Potter23lb 13oz2
Al Diamond23lb 5oz3
Dan Hall21lb 6oz4
Ant Frith15lb (and a coot)5
Simon Crellin8lb 4oz5
Christian Smith7lb 4oz5
Mark Preston4lb 14oz5
John Smith1lb 8oz5