Round Up

In a year dominated by Covid the turnout for the matches was still good with an average of 9 per match.

The average winning weight was over 22lb per match.

Big well done to Dave Leeming who fished consistent tactics to catch well on the feeder with small baits most matches.

Next years dates have been finalised and are available in 2021.


2020 Wednesday Evening League (Top 5)

NameTotal PointsTotal Weight
Dave Leeming2082lb 12oz
Paul Potter1768lb 15oz
Shaun Sheridan1124lb 2oz
Ashley Samson634lb 8oz
Mike Andrews626lb 3oz

Reservoir Evening Match 15th July 2020

1Paul Potter724lb 9oz5
2David Leeming2124lb4
3Shaun Sheridan3115lb3
4Mike Andrews267lb 5oz2
5Simon Boss Crellin226lb 2oz1
6Alan Duggan103lb 8oz1
7Ian Marrington35DNW0
7Wayne Peake14DNW0
7John Smith29DNW0
7Carl Redman16DNW0
7Gav Wilkinson4DNW0

Reservoir Evening Match 22nd July 2020

Paul Potter128lb 2oz5
David Leeming1312lb 2oz4
Gav Wilkinson164lb 0oz3
Alan Duggan312lb 4oz2
Mike Andrews7DNW0
Shaun Sheridan10DNW0
Seb (Jnr)21DNW0
Ian Marrington4DNW0

Reservoir Evening Match 29th July 2020

Ash Sampson1634lb 4oz5
Alan Duggan2127lb 4oz4
Dave Leeming2317lb 8oz3
Mike Andrews3116lb 14oz2
Christian Smith136lb 4oz1
Shaun Sheridan344lb1
S Duggan10DNW0
Alan Smith1DNW0
Paul Potter19DNW0
Gav Wilkinson4DNW0

Reservoir Evening Match 5th August 2020

Thomas James238lb 4oz5
Dave Leeming137lb 2oz4
Paul Potter213lb 3oz3
Ash Sampson74oz2
Shaun Sheridan102oz1
A Newell342oz1
Dan Hall1DNW0
Mike Andrews16DNW0

Reservoir Evening Match 12th August 2020

Dave Leeming2222lb5
Paul Potter2811lb 4oz4
Shaun Sheridan45lb3
Mike Andrews312lb2
Carl Redman266oz1
Alan Duggan124oz1
Rob Broadbent16DNW0
J Harrison14DNW0
Thomas James33DNW0