Just a bit of fun...

We all enjoy a little bit of healthy competition so for the season 2019 - 2020 we are running a couple of challenges for the members.  They are free to enter (but please register for species hunts so we can keep track) with the winners receiving a free membership for the following season.

2021 Challenges

In similar fashion to last season we are offering a free permit for 2022 to the first person to catch a verified Carp of over 24lb and a free permit for whoever is the first to capture the fantail Crucian in the 2021 - 2022 season.

UPDATE: The free permit for 2022 for the fantail Crucian has gone to Simon "Bossman" Crellin - well done!

UPDATE: Carp challenge still live going into August

Previous Years Challenge 2020

2020 Challenge 1

The Big Carp Challenge

The first person to catch a verified Carp of over 23lb in the 2020 - 2021 season was Tony Sparks who offered his free 2021 permit to whoever came up with a suitable name for the fish.  Dan Hall won with the name BRONSON.  Well done Tony!

2020 Challenge 2

The Fantail Hunt

The Reservoir holds a very special fishy that is rarely seen but should you be lucky enough to catch our resident Fantail Crucian Carp then a free season membership will be winging its way over to you.  The last time it was seen it was around 3lb in weight.  

The winner this year is Ash Samson who caught the fish in a match from peg 16 - well done Ash!

Previous Years Challenge 2019

2019/20 Species Hunt League Table

RegisteredTotal (14 MAX)Common CarpMirror CarpGhost CarpBreamTenchRoachPerchRuddGudgeonCrucian CarpPikeBarbelChubEel
Gavin Wilkinson8YYYYYYYY
Duncan Stirzaker7YYYYYYY
Kevin Hobbs7YYYYYYY
Dan Hall5YYYYY
Leslie Potter4YYYY
Al Diamond4YYYY
John Smith3YYY
Ian Marrington3YYY
James Grundy2YY