Sunday matches are open to all members and are charged at £10 for seniors and £3 for Juniors. 

The home match record for the Sunday matches is currently 69lb set by the legend that is Brian Beswick from Peg 31 back in 2005.

If you are interested in coming along but have not fished a match or are short of a piece of equipment then please ask on the facebook page and we will try our best to provide advice and assistance - we are a friendly bunch so please expect a warm welcome and plenty of banter.

The sunday league is run on points with your worst 3 of the 10 points results being dropped - if at the end of the league there is a tie then the total weight from your best 7 points matches will carry.  Entry to the league is free of charge and the winner will be presented with a trophy at the 2021 AGM.

Don't worry if you can't fish every Sunday, you do not have to be in the league to fish the matches all members are welcome.

Tom Nesbitt Trophy 15th March 2020

Paul Potter338lb 7oz
Simon Crellin264lb 6oz
Mark Preston153lb 2oz
Dave George133lb
Danny Parker212lb 8oz
Al Diamond282lb
Kevin Hobbs31DNW
Ant Frith7DNW
M Andrews4DNW
John Smith11DNW

Reservoir Cup 14th June 2020

Danny Hall1219lb
Paul Potter2912lb 7oz
Ian Marrington75lb 14oz
Mark Preston314lb 9oz
Christian Smith224lb 8oz
Paul Weeks354lb 5oz
John Smith104lb
Alan Duggan163lb 10z
Danny Parker142lb 7oz
Mike Andrews32lb 2oz
Simon Crellin21DNW
Chris Cregg28DNW

Brian and Barbara Palmer TBC 2020


Cliff Pirie Silver Fish Cup TBC 2020


Reservoir Pairs TBC 2020


Rezomania 6 Hour Sponsored Match 12th July 2020

Ian Marrington3321lb
Harry Robinson2211lb 8oz
Christian Smith259lb 8oz
John Smith278lb 8oz
Paul Potter77lb 14oz
Mark Preston286lb 4oz
Mike Andrews33lb 2oz
Danny Hall162lb 4oz
Shaun Sheridan211lb 3oz
Paul Weeks141lb
Alan Duggan54oz
Danny Parker12DNW
Lewis Smith10DNW

Alan Cossey Silver Match Trophy 9th August 2020


Halsall Trophy 13th September 2020


Teams of 3 Reservoir Dogs Match 27th September 2020

NameCombined Points

Winter Cup 18th October 2020