Round Up

As some of our regular match attendees were not able to make a lot of the matches through other commitments it was decided that the Wednesday league this year be cut short

The overall winner of the Wednesday league aggregate was Ant Frith who fished consistently well through the 6 matches - A big well done to Ant.


Reservoir Evening Match 29th May 2019

1Ant Frith1611lb 3oz1
2Kevin (Wayne to confirm)198lb 15oz2
3Mark Preston225lb 8oz3
4Wayne Peake312lb4
5Gav Wilkinson132lb 20oz4
6John Smith143lb 5oz4
7Paul Potter1DNW5
8Mike Andrews5DNW5
9Shaun Sheridan29DNW5
10Dan Hall35DNW5

Reservoir Evening Match 5th June 2019

1Mike Andrews59lb 10oz1
2Ant Frith144lb 9oz2
3Shaun Sheridan162lb 14oz3
4Paul Potter242lb 8oz4
5Wayne Peake29DNW5
6Ian Marrington31DNW5
7Mark Preston1DNW5

Reservoir Evening Match 12th June 2019

1Paul Potter3533lb 3oz1
2Wayne Peake1417lb 11oz2
3Mark Preston289lb 6oz3
4Ant Frith168lb 4oz4
5Mike Andrews52lb 4oz4
6Dave Stirzaker1DNW5

Reservoir Evening Match 19th June 2019

1Paul Potter298lb 5oz1
2Gav Wilkinson146lb 13oz2
3Ian Marrington76lb 5oz3
4Shaun Sheridan223lb 13oz4
5Ant Frith162lb 15oz4
6Mike Andrews312lb4
7Mark Preston2611oz4

Reservoir Evening Match 10th July 2019

1Ant Frith1623lb
2Mark Preston2817lb 2oz
3Paul Potter354lb

Reservoir Evening Match 17th July 2019

1Ant Frith1434lb
2Paul Potter3531lb
3Gav Wilkinson114lb
4Mark Preston283lb