Save NHS fleetwood

COVID-19 - Advice for all members

Due to the ongoing pandemic we have introduced some additional rules to ensure the safety of our members, the public and all of our service people.

Please note, these are mandatory and all members are required to follow them at all times - we are operating a zero tolerance measure.


Pleasure Fishing

  • Limited to 15 members per day
  • Members required to book in advance through Ant Frith between the hours of 11am and 5pm
  • Keepnets allowed but only silver fish can be retained - All carp to be immediately returned
  • No walking around
  • No guests
  • A policy of fairness to be applied to bookings to ensure all members are catered for


Match Fishing

  • 15 Anglers Max
  • Draw will commence at 8.45am
  • Book on by texting Simon Crellin
  • Once arrived please unload your gear and wait by your car
  • Simon will call you through on order of booking
  • Correct money to be dropped into tin (£6)
  • Simon will draw your peg and proceed straight to peg
  • No walking round
  • Weigh in to be done by designated persons only
  • Banter, jibs, and wind ups are also mandatory

Above all people please stay safe, we know that the Fylde Coast is becoming one of the worst affected places in the country and is likely to be a hotspot for some time, so don't let yourself and your friends down - stay safe.