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COVID-19 - Advice for all members

Due to the ongoing pandemic we have introduced some additional rules to ensure the safety of our members, the public and all of our service people.

Please note, these are mandatory and all members are required to follow them at all times - we are operating a zero tolerance measure.


Pleasure Fishing

  • There is now NO REQUIREMENT to book in advance for pleasure fishing
  • Keepnets can be used for Silver fish only - no Carp or F1's to be retained
  • Please ensure the 1m+ distance is observed at all times
  • Season ticket holders can access the water from 4am to 11pm
  • Currently no guests are allowed whilst we are in Tier 4
  • No overnight stays apart from dedicated security detail

Match Fishing

  • In addition to the above rules please refer to additional information on the Match page


Above all we please ask that all members observe common sense and stay safe.