Please read and follow all of the club rules, failure could result in a ban.


Season opens Sunday 1st March until 28th February

Permit Costs

£35 Adult
£25 Disabled
£20 Juniors(16 and under) - Must be supervised by an adult
All under 12s go free with an adult member

Members only allowed on the water from 4am to 11pm.

Night fishing permits available subject to availability and committee approval

  • All members to produce permit on demand by Water Bailiff or Committee man. CARRY YOUR PERMIT AT ALL TIMES. 
  • Two rods only may be made up, and used, but only one to be used at any time during matches, no more than two hooks per line, any queries to match secretary in charge, his decision is final.
  • Members must be in possession of a landing net and are requested to use it to lift fish from the water to save fish from damage, and an unhooking mat when carp fishing, even in match fishing.
  • Carp must not be held in keepnets unless in matches. All fish caught in matches will be weighed at the peg. During matches seperate keepnets needed for carp and silverfish.
  • All fish must be returned to the water, either in matches or pleasure fishing.
  • Members to fish designated pegs only. No fishing allowed in the corners. No fishing allowed from walkway. Disabled peg for disabled anglers only. All lines to be removed from the water when an angler leaves their peg.
  • Pleasure fishing is prohibited two hours before matches start. Members to stop fishing 5pm on Wednesday and 6am on Sunday.
  • The use of bait boats, at any time is strictly forbidden.
  • All bivvies to be in the dug outs by peg you are fishing, not above on walkway or on grass and must be down on matchdays.
  • The use of nuts are prohibited.
  • Night fishing by night syndicate members only. All other anglers off water by 11pm. No juniors to fish after dark. .The transferring or removal of fish without consent of the committee is strictly forbidden.
  • No fixed leads, fixed feeders or fixed method feeders. Barbless hooks only to be used.
  • The cutting of weed shall be the responsibility of the committee and bailiffs. Members are not permitted to drag swims at any time.
  • Members are reminded not to make a nuisance of themselves to other anglers, particularly during matches. No pleasure fishing in a match.
  • No cans allowed on the bank i.e sweetcorn, cat meat, luncheon meat or beer cans.
  • All litter to be removed from your peg after fishing.
  • The lighting of fires, throwing of objects into the water, riding of cycles and carrying of guns is prohibited.
  • The club cannot be held responsible for the safety of members fishing their waters.
  • Any person breaking any of the rules will be suspended for 12 months for every rule broken.
  • No more than 15lb line to be used at any time.
  • Anglers allowed only one guest on water, guests are not allowed to fish and the angler takes responsibility for the behaviour and safety of their guest.
  • Dogs on the water must be kept under control and any fouling must be cleaned up.
  • Members must dip their nets before and after fishing and allow them to dry.
  • Pre baiting of pegs before matches allowed 15 minutes before Sunday matches and 10 minutes before Wednesday matches.